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Post by ScottTodd » Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:24 am

These forums have been mostly opened to the general public, however, it is important that you understand before registering here, that your REAL NAME is required. All of us are using our real name in some form, and most of us in full. We have nothing to hide, and are all friends here. You are welcome to join us, but not with an alias. Using your real name encourages civil discussion and respect for real people, and not the kinds of irresponsible, uncivil, and disrespectful behavior seen on other forums and websites which do allow aliases.

Anyone attempting to register here using an alias will be banned by IP. Anyone attempting to use a fake name will also be IP banned as soon as that is discovered. By registering here and using the SpectroNet Forums, you agree that we may ask you for some form of identity verification, and only simply to verify that you are a real person, using a real name, and are not trying to hide behind an alias of any sort. This may include a simple link to a facebook page for example, or perhaps some other way we can tell. That is our sole interest with asking, so that we can protect the confidence and trust of our other members currently using their real names to register here. If you MUST and INSIST on using an alias to discuss something with another person on the internet, then THIS PLACE IS NOT FOR YOU.

Interestingly, we have have no such problems here, and everyone is respectful towards each other and gets along great! And THAT is the way it is going to stay. Join us as a friend with your real name, or simply go somewhere else.


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