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Post by ScottTodd » Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:53 pm

The Forums seek to provide meaningful discourse and discussion. Therefore minimal posts are discouraged, as they add no useful information to topics. Please refrain from these types of replies, which are the short, one-liner types of replies. If you want to simply thank someone for a post, we have now implemented a "Thanks for Posts" capability. To do so, just simply click the thumbs up button on their post!

1) When posting an article from another website, please post a link to the article, and no more than 20% of the article in a quote. Along with this you need to include your comments, instead of just "drive by" posting a link with no comments, description, or anything else. That type of post does not constitute "meaningful discussion". Such posts may be deleted, so don't be surprised if you do this kind of post and your post gets axed!

2) Hotlinking/embedding of external images is not allowed on these forums. This means that if you want to post an image in your post, you most certainly can, but you must first get the image on your computer, and attach it to your post. This prevents our forum from having to call out to external websites for images, which will slow our forums down severely every time people open a topic or post.

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