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Post by ScottTodd » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:10 am

Avatars are a picture you can upload to go along with your profile. You can see that Sheila and I share the same avatar. :D

Avatars on this board need to be prepared to dimensions of 90 x 90 pixels (no more, no less), with a maximum file size of 20 Kb (you will be hard pressed to exceed that file size for that small a dimension, and that file size limit should easily accommodate everyone). This will maintain a uniform look to our site in posts and topics. Animated GIF's are not allowed for avatars, as they are very distracting.

To get a custom avatar:
1) Prep to 90x90 pixels your pic, and have available on your computer.
2) Login to the forums, then click your name in upper right, and select "User Control Panel"
3) Click on the Profile tab, then select on the left "Manage Avatar"
4) Click "Browse" button under Upload Avatar
5) Find on your computer the pic you prepped, and select it, and then hit open
6) Click the submit button at bottom.
7) If it does not show, refresh your browser.

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