About SpectroNet.org


SpectroNet.org was established in July 2017, when a group of community earthquake watchers took notice of a new type of seismic data feed that features real time spectrographs. Over time, continual improvements to the design and layout resulted in what you see today. Continual improvements to equipment have been ongoing with donations from generous and loyal viewers. The video stream known as the SpectroNet Earthquake and Volcano Live Seismic Monitor attracts more viewers and subscribers every day.


SpectroNet's Youtube channel originally reached over 31 million watch time minutes, over 1.4 million channel views, and over 5,800 subscribers. However in November, 2018, Youtube disabled all income for any auto-generated content channels. This gave no regards for the tremendous amount of work, maintenance, and investment involved with a stream as complicated as our Live Seismic Monitor. With the loss of the income, this forced SpectroNet to become a members only platform.


The video stream provided by SpectroNet.org is mostly the creation of Scott Todd, and the Spectro Watcher community has contributed both input and funds to assist with equipment purchases and content. Scott maintains the server, website, and occasionally provides voice commentary and original music on the live stream. The live stream chat is moderated by a friendly community of SpectroNet Members.


SpectroNet.org also provides further information and links to key websites that assist in educating and provide information on seismic data.


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