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How to Become a Member of


Memberships and donations can be anonymous, but most are announced to our growing family unless specifically requested. All personal info is kept private and confidential. We NEVER send any spam or maintain email lists that can be compromised. SpectroNet relies on memberships and donations to keep the SpectroNet Live Seismic Monitor up and running.


To become a Full SpectroNet Member, we require a $10.00 Paypal payment, plus a $10.00 per month Patreon pledge.


This will enable you to access member-only places on our SpectroNet Forums. The forums are there for both the general public and our members, and they post all sorts of interesting earthquake and volcano links, screenshots from our feed of important events, and much much more!


Many of our long term supporters have donated and continue to donate far above the 10.00/month to keep the feed up and running. Community memberships and donations have already helped in achieving many goals, including getting a powerful computer server, as well as providing recording capabilities and the equipment being protected by a hefty online, uninterruptible power supply. This means more uptime for you, our members!


Direct Contributions and Membership Payments can be made easily through Paypal to:


Monthly contributions and pledges are made through signing up at Patreon. The ultimate goal of our community is to REDUCE individual costs down to $1.00 per person, per month. This can happen only if and when sufficient people are contributing to this community. As it stands, SpectroNet is being entirely and generously supported by about 40 people. Join our cause and help see us into the future!


Once you have completed the Paypal payment and matching Patreon pledge, expect an email very soon with further instructions. And thank you for supporting!