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The SpectroNet Live Seismic Monitor is Public!

Thanks to our wonderful community, Spectro Watchers from all over have contributed time and resources to make sure that SpectroNet can now provide a live video stream nearly 24/7 (except occasional down time for maintenance, data drops, live stream interruptions, etc.)


The live YouTube stream chat is carefully moderated by helpful and family friendly community members, and kids are welcome!


Click the button below to be taken directly to our YouTube Channel live feed!



1) Stay polite please. Nothing ruins the moment more than having to ban someone for being a jerk in chat. We seek to maintain the general tone of our chat room on the video feed as a positive, helpful and nice place to visit, with the topic of conversation centered on earthquakes and volcanoes.


2) Most swear words, and many other words and combinations of words are blocked from chat, as we strive to provide an environment free from such things for kids and family. Please try to help us maintain this. Anything of an overtly sexual nature is prohibited, and there is a one strike policy on this. You post anything of the sort, and you will be banned.


3) Although chat topics vary widely, please stay away from the following topics:

- Any political, religious, or sexual discussions of any kind. This is NOT the place!

- Any questions of a technical nature about how the feed operates.

- Any excessive speculative conversation covering a proposed theory that dominates chat excessively, and/or goes far enough off topic at the discretion of mods that it needs to be stopped.

- Any mention of other channels on our channel. We avoid this because it just causes trouble and/or controversy.


Warnings for these things may or may not be given by mods, and repeated offenses will most certainly get you banned.


Other than that, have fun and meet new friends! This is not hard!




1) Por favor seas gracioso(a). La ultima cosa que queremos hacer es tener que botarlos por comportarse del mala manera. Nosotros queremos mantener un tono positivo en el chat, y ser un luger deseable y informativo. El topico de conversacion se centra sobre terremotos y volcanes.


2) Malas palabras estan prohibidos en el chat, porque somos un canal cientifico para todo la familia, incluyendo los niños. Por favor ayudenos a mantener esto. Qualquier dicho que tiene una tema sexual esta prohibido, y nada mas tienes un chance con esto. Dice qualquier cosa con ese tema, and vamos a tener que botarlo.


3) Las temas de chat pueden variar bastante, pero por favor NO queremos estas temas:

- Temas politicos, religioso, o sexuales. Esto NO es el sitio!

- Preguntas tecnicas como funciona el canal.

- Qualquier conversacion que esta excesamente especulativo, o que domina chat demasiado, o que esta sufecientemente fuera del topico central que los mods tienen que pararlo.

- No mencionar otros canales en nuesto canal. Nada mas causa problemas.


Avisos repetidos sobre estas infracciones si seguramente le van a resultar en tener que botarlos.


Fuera de esas cosas simple, tengan un buen tiempo y conoscan a amigos nuevos! Esto no es deficil!

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